Mapping it Out

The next apprenticeship pattern I took on was Draw Your Own Map. The premise is simple: you are the only person who can choose the paths you go down and which roads you travel. You should not leave yourself to the mercy of your situation and those around you to determine the course your future will take. Is is a definitely a pattern of self-determination.

The Draw Your Own Map pattern is absolutely useful. I have always been a person who has difficulty relying on others. Although I acknowledge this as a weakness in most ways, one way it has strengthened me is I usually don’t find myself depending on others for approval or assistance. If I want to do something with my life, or make some future plans, the only person I ask is myself. This independence and selfishness is important, in my opinion. There is only every going to be one person looking out for your best interests: you, and so therefore it is your sole responsibility to map out your future and make the decisions that will lead to your happiness.

Despite this, I do think there are limits to the pattern, even when applied to careers. For example, although your position in a company might not be immediately satisfying, with time there is potential to move throughout the company to a position that is better for your skills and abilities. There are some paths you can only get to by travelling on a bumpy, gravel road first. It’s not optimistic, or ideal, but the text definitely glossed over these potential scenarios where you prioritize long term gains over short term happiness.

Overall, Draw Your Own Map is not an interesting or a surprising apprenticeship pattern, but it is a hugely useful one and one I feel I’ve already been using to make college-related decisions for a long time anyways. Basically, only you can make the choices that will lead your life to happiness, nobody else will do it for it. Just as long as you are making ethical choices that don’t tread on anybody else’s map.

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