Sharing is Caring

This week I read about the Share What You Learn pattern. The pattern is all about sharing the knowledge you gain with your peers. After all, what good is all that knowledge if you don’t share it with the rest of the world? Making good use of the pattern ensures that you and everyone around you will be up to date with all need-to-know information, and gives you a good opportunity to both brush up on your teaching and communication skills and also discover what your peers know that you don’t. Everybody benefits when you share your knowledge, as it allows your peers to focus their efforts on other endeavors that haven’t been solved yet.

It is not always easy to share what you learn. Sometimes you are engrossed in your own work and don’t want to take the time away to help someone else. Maybe you think what you know is obvious and not worth explaining. Either way, it is always worth the time to help out your coworkers or fellow students. First of all, when you need help, it will be good to be able to rely on others. Second, everyone being at the same level opens up more opportunities for learning and growth.

My biggest obstacle with sharing what I know is how to communicate effectively. I am a poor communicator, and often lose myself over which words to say. It can be hard for me to effectively teach something to someone, especially with no time for preparation, as my train of thought tends to go all over the place. Knowing this, I need to work on methods of communicating information and think more carefully about how I am saying something and how it is being understood.

In conclusion, Share What You Know is a useful pattern, and one I aim to improve at. Sharing knowledge across a team is better for all the individuals involved. The more you know, the more time you can dedicate to your work and the more diverse kinds of problems you can solve.

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