Reading Railroad

Read Constantly is a brief section, but it is an important apprenticeship pattern. Read Constantly is what it says. You need to constantly by reading and introducing yourself to new information in order to learn new ideas and improve. Most of the learning you do is from reading, whether its from sources on the internet or chapters of a good programming book. The more often you read and the better reading skills you develop, the better off you will be.

There is a book out there for every different programming language, every concept, every challenge you will come across in your professional career. I am currently reading a book that discusses the whiteboard problems brought up during many coding interviews. The book is long, and the content inside is dense, so it is important to read it carefully, take notes, and read it again to be sure of the information. That is my usual strategy for reading information that I need to learn.

My biggest challenge with reading constantly is feeling like I’m not absorbing all the information because I’m just trying to get through it. That’s why it is always good to do exercises in the book, if any are provided. That way you can do practical work alongside the reading that helps break up the monotony of reading and also gives you a different way to learn the content.

Another good strategy I use when reading is to take notes. There are often ways to boil down a text to its essential parts and the things you need to focus on and remember. Keeping notes, highlighting key lines, and keeping track of answers to exercises is a good way to maintain a reference if you ever want to brush up on what you just read.

Read Constantly is an important pattern when you want to learn something new or build a new skill. Good reading habits can open the way to learning lots of new things in a short period of time. It is absolutely the best way to learn quickly, especially if you are an independent person.


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