Sprint Reflection 6

This Sprint started with us adding more tasks to the issue board, and taking on some of them. However, for the most part, we spent a lot of this sprint wrapping up our work and making preparations for our presentation to the class. We were able to reflect on our work throughout the semester and look at what we’d accomplished. From there, we reflected on things we did wrong, things we did right, and things that could be improved on the project in the future.

Personally, I think if the project was given more thought and setup ahead of time, it would have gone a lot smoother. In hindsight, having the repositories for the project set up, organizing the task- and product-backlog, and streamlining communication between the groups is something that NEEDS to happen. Making these things into assignments and writing up worksheets for them like in CS-343 and -443 would work a lot better, I think. This way, everyone in the group is getting an equal understanding of what is happening and how the project is organized. Also, having a set place to communicating between the groups from the start of the project would be helpful in ensuring no communication is being lost and everybody is being heard.

While I like the idea of being able to work on a big project with a group, it is very inefficient when there is no proper authority. Although the University obviously doesn’t have the resources, things certainly would have gone smoother if there was a project manager who actually knew what they were doing and could steer us in the right direction. The professor’s attention was unfortunately divided between so much this semester that there wasn’t a lot of time for useful reflection from a mentor.

Things I think we did right is that we worked hard and produced a product that functions. We did everything we could and made the shell of something I truly think will be useful for the University in time. Far from complete, there is a lot of unfinished work that future groups will hopefully pick up. Many of these tasks we didn’t get to are listed in the backlog. And there are even more ambitious features that we’ve thought of that haven’t made there way there. We competed the most essential features first, and got to as many of the others as we could. If we had more time, it would have been interesting to work on how to organize a backlog and rank products by level of importance.

Ultimately, despite the setbacks and difficulties this semester, I have still learned a lot about project organization, workflow, cross-team communication, and many other lesser thought-of parts of the workplace. Therefore, I still think the Capstone was ultimately useful and served its purpose. There is a lot of complexity in simply setting up a shared place to work on a project and communicate changes. All of which must be done before work even begins on a project. In the future, I intend to be more prepared and approach big tasks more proactively.


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