Going Deep

The Deep End describes the situation where you feel like your skills have plateaued and you are having difficulty finding ways to improve. As it sounds, The Deep End is a pattern that encourages you to “dive in” to the deep end. That is, to take challenges that you know you could fail, knowing at least that you can learn form your failures and improve yourself as a result. It is not about taking uncalculated risks or lying to get opportunities, it’s more about taking on things that you aren’t certain you could do, but have the means to do so.

The Deep End is a pretty intuitive pattern. When you feel like you aren’t improving, push yourself in ways you haven’t before and turn it around. However, it can be very intimidating in practice to take on projects that you aren’t certain you can complete, especially if you think you have to worry about potential consequences. Although learning from failure is a very effective way of learning, it can also be very costly, and that definitely gives me anxiety.

That being said, it is important to take risks and leaps in my life and my career. It is the only way I am going to improve myself and get what I want, and being too nervous to take chances and opportunities as they come my way certainly wont help. I will make note of the lessons taught by this pattern and try to take more risks in the future. I think it will especially help me with my directed study this semester, which has begun to push me into learning many new languages and concepts all at once.

The Deep End is a cool pattern, and the it makes sense practically. Most people are definitely aware of the idea of taking on harder tasks to sharpen their skills. Most people want to improve, but it can be scary to tackle hard challenges and face the unknown. However, getting over that anxiety is crucial to becoming a smarter, more well-rounded individual. Life isn’t easy, and you need to be ready to solve hard problems at any moment.

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