Sprint Reflection 2

On our second sprint, Team FIG definitely got more of the ball rolling with our progress on the project. Following a meeting with a representative from the food pantry, we were able to discuss some of our stories and tasks and what each member was going to work on, and were able to begin in earnest. I felt a lot better going into this sprint as it seems our goals were becoming more clear and it felt like I knew what I could do to make progress.

My tasks was to begin work on a front-end system that the food pantry could use to keep track of the weight they are giving out and automate some of the process of filling out an intake form and determining the proper amount of food in weight. I referred a lot to my final project from CS-443 last semester, developing a sort of “back-end” that enabled me to test the functionality of my front-end. After that was squared away, I began developing the front end. Since exactly what the customer wants still doesn’t seem crystal clear to me, I thought it would make the most sense to take the provided intake form and try to implement it in an online application.

After I wrote all the functions to allow adding/changing of data in the back end, I developed the HTML part of the front-end, adding the input boxes and buttons for submission and making sure they used the right commands. Things I still need to add to the front-end are error messages for incorrect submissions (missing data, wrong input type, etc). It might also be prudent to add some way for authorized users to change customer information that has already been entered, in case of a mistake or changing information. I have also not began working with the CSS, as it has been low priority for me, and I have questions to ask about what sort of style we should be going for. I also have not done anything with keeping a running weight total or adding/removing from that total.

The current issue I am dealing with is a ‘fatal’ error preventing me from committing to GitHub that says the line endings need to be replaced with LF from CRLF, which seems to be an issue with the way Windows handles line endings. I decided this was a good place to stop anyways, as I was having trouble fixing the issue and had done a lot of work without being able to review it with my group. It is unfortunate that we have had three classes cancelled, as it definitely hurt my groups ability to meet up and their motivation to do so.

The biggest task our group has to work on now is creating a functional back-end that will be able to store the information. We have not determined exactly how this will be done yet, but it is something we will definitely discuss so we can begin work on it in Sprint 3.


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